Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto is simple but powerful flash animation software. It comes packed with more than 50 great effects that can be applied to both shapes and text, without any coding at all. There are over a 100 effect presets that display the different ways in which the effects can be adjusted.
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Include a quickstart/ tour/ wizard for beginners

On loading it appears unless you check a box to ignore in the future. Not just a help file but an automated tour that shows on screen where to start and how to do the basics. You can then move through each sub-tour. A video of each feature would...
Dave Jennings, 08.10.2010, 08:05
125 votes Vote

Splash can be a better and more appropriate name.

I am suggesting that name coz it rhymes with 'flash'.
Ananth, 05.10.2010, 09:02
104 votes Vote

Add a larger icon

The current icon doesn't look as good as it could in Win7 when scaled up
Matt, 05.10.2010, 08:17
101 votes Vote

Well so good so fa expect for language name, make it English.

vuciri isaac, 05.10.2010, 09:48
61 votes Vote

Add the ability to import scalable vector graphics (SVG)

would make sense and be helpful in high-zoom scenarios
_bruce, 08.10.2010, 15:04
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41 votes Vote

Add LOOP to choices of animation. This is a must have for all animation aps.

Any animation always needs the ability to loop, if that's what the user needs, & usually it is. That is absolutely necessary.
Skye-hook, 08.10.2010, 10:00
40 votes Vote

.fla file compatibility

Saving and loading because if I want to make a project that was made hlaf with this program and half witf Flash, it is impossible to do it.
Bence, 08.10.2010, 14:40
30 votes Vote

Greater Export features - Export to .avi (A lot of other software includes such features and is extremely useful when building flash animation and joining to video)

This is by far the most important feature. The ability to export to a format that is best suited for the user. For example a user like me creates movies. He likes to create some dazzling flash effects - which he does with his trusty flash...
Giotto Giveaway, 08.10.2010, 13:15
28 votes Vote

Don't change the name

A catchy name is great, look at Corel, Google, Yahoo etc
Edson, 08.10.2010, 10:17
26 votes Vote

Add a few sample files. Its the easiest way to learn.

Picking apart a sample file is and always has been the best teacher. I only played with a few minutes but really like what I see.
Glenn, 08.10.2010, 12:43
26 votes Vote

Import and export of .fla files

It would be good if you could import flash files, or export as flash so something created in Giotto could be included in another flash project natively.
Darren, 08.10.2010, 20:03
25 votes Vote

Make it to where you can save Animated Gifs

make it to where the person trying to make that sort of animation can save it as a GIF Or if it's already done make it a little bit more user friendly in that area.
Adam, 08.10.2010, 10:44
17 votes Vote

Make Vectorian Giotto portable so it can be stored on a flashdrive.

At least have a zip version with a master password so I don't lose the program once I replace this hard drive.
Mary, 08.10.2010, 19:37
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17 votes Vote

add a tutorial file or a demo movie

Though it resembles photoshop to some extent it would be great if we get to know the tools and it's fundamental usage. So tutorial or a demo movie would be good.
Velmurugan K, 08.10.2010, 08:37
15 votes Vote

Add more effects of course.

more effects = more fun.^^.
aldreen05, 08.10.2010, 14:18
14 votes Vote

Add a rotate tool. Not being able to rotate is cumbersome

Every good imaging tool has the ability to rotate. Why not animation tools?
techwiz24, 08.10.2010, 10:58
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13 votes Vote

Include templates to you don't always start projects from scratch.

Bryan Quinn, 08.10.2010, 12:56
13 votes Vote

Change the activation so the user can paste in the entire activation key and not just 4 characters at a time.

kjlintner, 08.10.2010, 17:12
13 votes Vote

Giotto needs AS3! The software is very professional, but in order to retain that image it really needs to be updated.

rodken, 08.10.2010, 17:14
12 votes Vote

include a .chm help file and the tutorial with the program. 'online' is not always available.

Joe D. Black, 08.10.2010, 10:16
10 votes Vote

Create a flash video tutorial for beginners to watch

This would intro users to the overall usage and features of the app.
Arthur Ling, 08.10.2010, 17:29
10 votes Vote

Bitmap tracer (bitmap image into an editable vector file) / Effects Filter for image / Adjustments for image

- Bitmap tracer (Import and convert a bitmap image into an editable vector file) - Effects Filter for image imported (eg Blurs,Distor,Emboss,Oil Painting,Greyscale,etc.) - Adjustments for image imported (Auto-Level, Black&White, Hue/Saturation....
TD, 08.10.2010, 10:05
10 votes Vote

Make It compatable for windows 7/ 64 bit

Doc, 08.10.2010, 13:14
10 votes Vote

Add some pre-built samples for beginners to explore and learn how to achieve the best results with your program.

I find learning by example a very effective way to learn new programs.
Don Sharp, 08.10.2010, 19:38
9 votes Vote

save file as options..

be able to save created work as other options besides vgt and vgd
april, 08.10.2010, 11:10
9 votes Vote

allow .avi or mpeg4 import for backgrounds

captain drewi, 08.10.2010, 11:53
9 votes Vote

Give explicit instructions on how to apply colours. After 20 minutes, I still can't change paint bucket colour.

Julia, 08.10.2010, 11:56
9 votes Vote

Of course keep the name, even if it being so digged at it means is catching, and is good, regardless the ignoramus pet hate, hahah. Then better made more eye-candy the GUI

sam weller, 08.10.2010, 16:07
8 votes Vote

Add a quickstart/ tour/ demo

At startup, for beginners, show an animated or interactive features tour, and how to do some basics, and not just a hidden help file. This can be swithced off by ticking a box or activated in a menu item to help people new to the software/...
Dave Jennings, 08.10.2010, 08:11
8 votes Vote

Have the ability to insert video

- Need to have the ability to insert video. - Need to be able to save as a .fla file. - Please add a separatly opening preview window.
Jerry Bommarito, 08.10.2010, 16:28

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