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Include a quickstart/ tour/ wizard for beginners

On loading it appears unless you check a box to ignore in the future. Not just a help file but an automated tour that shows on screen where to start and how to do the basics. You can then move through each sub-tour. A video of each feature would be a good start.

Dave Jennings , 08.10.2010, 08:05
Idea status: under consideration


Larry, 08.10.2010, 16:06
#1 Inform the user during the install process that a blank window will appear after registration. This can be confusing, with the user thinking that either (s)he entered the wrong code or that the program has stopped working or that it is STILL working to verify the install code.

#2 Link to a guide (PDF?) with instructions on how to use Giotto.
wayne, 08.10.2010, 21:26
I agree! A quickstart for beginners.

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